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The Brooks Realty Group

The Brooks Realty Group has depended on us for its entire promotional, marketing, and branding projects.

Case overview

Brooks Realty Group (BRG) is one of the leading real estate firms in the Tampa Bay area. Their luxury listings and upscale clientele demanded that their brand aesthetic match the type of business that the firm represents.

They wanted their brand aesthetic to match everything the the agency represents: upscale, luxury, and high-end clientele.


The Brief

Our design and development team brought a total brand redevelopment, managed services, website redesign and more to the firm and as a result of the successful deliverables, was ultimately entrusted to be the sole entity responsible for all marketing and growth.

Our Approach

For a project like this we had to do a deep dive on their current and intended markets, production schedule and projected scalability to approach the execution in the most concise way possible.

Working with their team, our firm was able to help the Brooks Realty Group realize their intended deliverables, well within budget and well before schedule.

The Results

In addition to the increase in visibility and reach, this client has attracted a bevy of new talent to their ranks which has added to their inventory and viability as a premier real estate agency. This is why they continue to turn to our firm for all their marketing and consulting needs.