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The American Logistics Association (ALA) serves as the focal point for partnership and representation in the military marketplace. The Association’s role as the legitimate voice for the military resale market and being a true change agent in support of a better quality of life for military families the depend on the military exchanges and commissaries.

Case overview

DASH was tasked with streamlining the ALA’s association management ecosystem from root to stem. This involved much more than building and redesigning their website; we had to modernize their entire business process, which included everything from onboarding members, managing existing members, event management, and sponsorship management.


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Our Approach

The first step in our process was to gain a thorough understanding of the needs and goals of ALA. This involved meetings with key stakeholders to discuss the organization’s mission, target audience, branding guidelines, and the events for which the marketing materials are being developed.

After understanding the needs of the organization, we started with developing a custom process flowchart of operations which included data management that incorporates into the paywalled web solution. The general website focused on their mission and values, and included information about upcoming events, and ways to get involved. A content management system (CMS) allows the ALA’s team to easily update the website’s content.

We were enthusiastic about fostering sponsorship initiatives with donors and sponsors. This involved implementing intake forms for sponsorship organizations, allowing them to seamlessly configure the disbursement of funds to the organization. Employing this approach assisted the organization in financing its events and securing essential operating capital.

The Results

By creating a cohesive and effective marketing strategy and implementing data-driven best practices, our firm was a key component in ensuring the success of The American Logistics Association in achieving its association management and advocacy goals.

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