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5 Star Elite Property Management is a property management and marketing entity that helps owners by taking care of all administrative efforts to ensure positive cash flow for its clients.

The Brief

DASH was given the responsibility of crafting a bespoke website, logo, marketing materials, and promotional media to enhance the organization’s online presence and promote its array of property management services.

Our Approach

The first step in our process was to gain a thorough understanding of the needs and goals of 5 Star Elite Property Management. This involved meetings with key stakeholders to discuss the company’s mission, target audience, branding guidelines, and the events for which the marketing materials are being developed.

After understanding the needs of the client, we started with developing a custom website that was visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive. The website focused on their service offerings, and included information both tenants and property owners,  and ways to onboard. A content management system (CMS) allowed for the 5 Star team to easily update the website’s content.

Once the website design was underway, the next step was be to create a custom logo for this client. With input from their board, we settled on the theme of a 5-point star incorporating the number 5, as requested by their team. This was carried throughout their entire branding. The final logo was made to be visually appealing, easily recognizable, and versatile enough to be used on a variety of media.

We developed marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and social media graphics to promote the services offered by 5 Star. These materials were designed with a focus on the client’s service offerings, and crafted to be visually appealing and attention-grabbing to attract both future tenants and prospective property owners.

Working closely with the board, we developed media such as videos, animations, and infographics to further promote all the services of this client. Since video has 10x the visibility of static media, a special emphasis was developed to draw attention.

The Results

By creating a cohesive and effective marketing strategy and implementing data-driven best practices, our firm was a key component in ensuring the success of 5 Star Elite Property Management in achieving its marketing goals.